360 CGI your experts for Tenant Improvements

You might be asking, what exactly are tenant improvements? Tenant improvements are the customized alterations a building owner makes to rental spaces as part of a lease agreement. These alterations are configured to meet the needs of a particular tenant, and here at 360 CGI, we specialize in making those needs (whether ideas, dreams, or designs) a reality.

From conception, we will help you reimagine possibilities to help you meet your needs.

From creating new one of a kind state of the art facilities

To open office spaces with room for leisure

To meeting rooms designed just for you

Or giant playgrounds that allow you to really let loose


We are a full-service construction company with a list of over 150 qualified subcontractor companies with the same mindset and values as 360 CGI- To provide high-quality service and product at a reasonable cost.  

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