4 benefits of a sustainable design

At 360cgi one of the first things that comes to mind in all our projects is the capability of designing a sustainable “green” friendly building that can be efficient. We want our buildings to be safe for the people inside it and the environment outside of it as well. From designing the smallest of objects to building some of the tallest skyscrapers around we understand that our designs effect neighborhoods, cities, and the people that live in them. Keeping this in mind, here are four benefits of using a sustainable design for your next project.

Saving Wildlife

Choosing to go with a sustainable design/green building allows one to use environmentally safe materials such as bamboo wood floors. All sustainable design materials are recyclable and renewable and don’t require energy to create them, leaving wildlife unaffected.

Clean Air

Green buildings also provide benefits for the people that occupy them daily, like better indoor air quality. Studies have found that green buildings generally provide big windows, natural daylight, and an all-around better indoor air circulation. These simple necessities have shown to drastically improve productivity.

Water Quality

The main goal of a green building is to not affect the environment. This means preserving certain parts of the property to remain undeveloped so that the habitat in the area came remain intact and undisturbed. Green buildings manage a construction process to ensure that waterways remain unpolluted by construction by-products.


Sustainable buildings are energy-efficient so they use less energy and save money in the process. Using less electricity translates into less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Using solar or wind technologies allow for no carbon emission and no carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

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