5 Common Tenant Improvements to Consider

Limiting Wires

When looking into tenant improvements one of the first things that should be considered is how your wires will be laid out throughout the building. As we become more adept at the wireless world, we must keep in mind that technology still needs to be plugged in. Take a look at your floorplans to consider scenarios in which these few wires don’t become an eyesore in your new office.

Going Green

The more environmentally friendly a company can be, the better. What one must keep in mind though is before replacing the ceiling tiles, flooring, and lighting fixtures you should look at the material you are replacing. Just because some things are a few years old doesn’t mean they can be as environmentally friendly as the new things coming in.

Take a look at what you are replacing, you might not need to replace certain material, saving you money, and staying green in the process.

Adding and Removing walls

Think about what kind of environment you want to provide in your office space. Taking walls down brings a creative environment to an office. Putting walls will limit distractions and give employees privacy when needed.

Natural light

An important thing to consider that affects productivity in an office is the lack of natural light let in. Having too few windows leads to more electricity use and creates a cave-like feel. Increasing the number of windows around and how much light is let in the office is not only environmentally friendly but makes space feel bigger and easier to breathe in.

Open Ceiling

Sometimes tenant improvements are not about adding walls or knocking them down, but about being creative with space in a different way. Opening ceiling offices, for example, have a chic industrial vibe that has gained popularity in the last year. Removing standard ceiling tile while making space feel bigger without adding square footage.

If you are looking to make tenant improvements to your office space call 360 Construction Group Inc at (424) 297-3151 to help you get started.

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