5 Green Building Trends

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Solar Panels
Solar panels have been an ongoing trend that is becoming popularly used across America.
When using solar energy, less harmful fossil fuel is used because there is recycled natural energy that is powering your utilities. Additionally, there is a significant decrease in spending when you are using the sun as your main energy source. In order to ensure adaptability and efficiency, they come in all shapes and sizes to fit your needs.

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Energy Management Systems
Energy Management Systems are also a productive way to stay green. These monitors provide an organized way to keep track of energy use in your building. Things like light, gas, air, and water can all be detected and kept at a sustainable amount to secure an easy way to be environmentally aware. This system can be linked to smartphone apps or other communicative monitors to make it easier to oversee and control.

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Resilience has also made a compelling argument for maintaining an environmentally sustainable building. With the U.S Green Building Council’s adoption of the RELi rating system, the importance of keeping your building safe and ready for crisis became a necessity. Resilient design aims to establish healthy, resilient, and regenerative buildings. Thinking about the endurance and placement of things such as pipelines, elevated coastal roads, or obtaining flexible electrical grids can make all the difference.

Passive Building Design
Another way to make sure you’re using the best advancements in construction with the environment is to have a passive building design. It helps reduce how much energy you consume by cutting back on electrical lighting and temperature control. Green roofs are a popular way in which this can be achieved. By designing your building in the most advantageous ways possible, there can be a significant aide to the environment and your energy spending could also decrease.

Sustainable Building Materials
Using sustainable building materials is also a necessity when thinking about going green. Recycling wood is easy and inexpensive and even using eco-friendly concrete reduces the extensive amounts of CO2 that are being emitted by regular concrete.

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