8 common construction industry myths – debunked

Construction is a Billion-dollar industry. Hundreds of new jobs open every day. Today it’s one of the most economically successful industries. But, some of the myths of the old days have remained, and many still hesitate to work in construction because of them.

Some of the most common misconceptions people have about the construction industry are:

Construction is an industry for men – Wrong! Since 1985, the number of women in the construction industry grew a whopping 82%. There are almost a million women working in the construction industry today and that number keeps growing as the gender gap tightens.

Construction requires no education – on the contrary, working in the construction industry requires vast knowledge of many areas. Building someone’s future home is no joke – workers must know the type of material they’re working with, the quality of the material, how the elements affect the material and even know how physics works.

Being a construction worker is a risky job – sure, it can be if you don’t follow the safety regulations. But today there are strict safety regulations construction companies must follow, as well as provide adequate training for the workers. As a result, the number of injuries or accidents in the construction industry have kept decreasing every year.

Construction is bad for the environment – again, only those who don’t follow the regulations. Every country has certain conditions before allowing companies to start the construction activities. And during the whole process of construction, there are certain rules that need to be followed regarding the environment. Every company that doesn’t design their buildings in an environmentally friendly manner risks losing their construction license.

You have to be strong and muscular to be a construction worker – although lifting a heavy load and carrying concrete bags does require upper body strength, there is no physical job that can’t be beaten with brains. Knowing how to do the job faster and coming up with new ideas for working can take you way further in the business than muscles can.

There are no career opportunities in construction – every job has career opportunities for those who want to succeed. In construction, if you focus on learning something new every day, you’ll soon be able to become a project manager. There are different courses and lectures available that will further open opportunities for progress in your career.

Construction work doesn’t pay good – Construction is a Billion-dollar industry and many current job postings boast high salaries. Project managers and consultants are just some of the positions that pay well.

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Construction only uses old machines – wrong. The construction industry is one of the fastest developing industries. Many of the newest technology has been made for construction purposes, so if you’re a tech nerd, construction may be the ideal career for you.


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