Facility Management & Maintenance: 5 Reasons to Partner with your Commercial General Contractor


There are a lot of lines blurred between construction and facility maintenance. So much so that partnering with your commercial general contractor might be the best option for your business’ facilities. Think about it. If you have an ongoing working relationship with your general contractor, then you already know their work ethic. Why not bring them on for facility management and maintenance? Let’s take at look 5 reasons to partner with your commercial general contractor.



Dual Issue Problem Solver

A lot of times, maintenance issues turn into construction jobs. Sometimes you need a doorway added into a wall, a room to be turned into an office, or a cabinet hung up in a copy room. All of these issues would compel you to call maintenance, but it might actually be a job for a contractor.


They Know The Building

If a commercial contractor has already remodeled or built your facility, why wouldn’t you want them to manage it? They know everything from how old the water heater is to where all the HVAC units are to how the building is wired.

Hiring someone who already knows the lay of the land will save in man hours. This will cut costs for the company. However, it will also speeds up the process of resolving any issues.



Better for Budgets

When you’ve already hired a proficient employee, it’s much cheaper to give them more money and responsibility than to hire another body. Going with somebody already on your payroll will save the business on additional costs.

Plus, working with your general contractor on maintenance issues will help balance the budget for both construction and maintenance costs. Since a general contractor-turned-facility-manager has both hands in the cookie jar, they have a better scope of how to allocate money in the budget.



Forges Better Relationships

Offering more opportunities forges stronger relationships. Presenting your contractor with added responsibility can make them feel better about the working conditions. In turn, it makes for an overall better work environment for everyone involved.

Also, this is a person you already have an existing relationship with. There’s a comfort in working with the people you know. If they have already proved themselves as a reliable team member, it goes a long way in easing your concerns.



All Your Needs in One Call

Instead of paging multiple departments or calling numerous cell phone numbers, having one company overseeing construction and maintenance saves you time. You no longer have to wrangle both maintenance and construction and relay messages between the two parties. Nor will you have to try to correlate meetings between the two entities. That’s because these two departments are one. Solving this headache will make your workday much more productive.


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