Hot Construction Trends for 2019

New technologies, techniques, and regulations all impact construction trends from year to year. Next year, 2019, will see the mainstreaming of unique idea impacting the most popular trends.


Continued digital and mechanical improvements will continue to make construction more efficient. Here are five hot construction trends to look forward to in 2019.




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The Use of Simulations to Improve Construction Efficiency

The ability to simulate the construction of buildings provides a better understanding of construction impacts in the short and long-term. Evaluating environmental impacts, changes in traffic flow and building efficiency becomes far more precise with these simulations.


Worksite management could also be impacted positively by simulating delivery schedules and weather impacts. Expect simulations to be a very popular tool in 2019.




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Continued Reduction in the Need and Use of Cranes

New technologies are allowing the use of robotics and specialized machinery to take on the task of large installations. This will enhance workplace safety and efficiency by eliminating certain dangerous jobs around a worksite.


The reduced need for cranes will be especially useful for buildings already constructed undergoing refurbishment. Some may not allow for crane use because of the type of structure but could be benefited by specialized equipment.




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Updatable Digital User Manuals

New homes and buildings have started coming with user manuals, as they have become more digitally advanced. Continued advances in technology require the ability to update these manuals over time.


Digital manuals can be “pushed” updates, allowing users to continue to take advantage of the benefits of smart homes and buildings.




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Continued Focus on Waste Reduction

Construction accounts for large portions of waste produced globally. A continued focus by engineers and site management leaders on reducing this waste will be present in 2019. This focus leads to improved efficiency, time frames, and environmental consciousness. All of these are great reasons the focus on waste reduction will continue in 2019.




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Further Experimenting with Design

Consumers and engineers alike are becoming more open to less standard designs. New building shapes will come into play on a grand scale in 2019. Design and construction will move toward focusing on function and purpose rather than physical and mechanical limitations.


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