How to Hire the Right Commercial Construction Company

Hiring the wrong commercial construction company for your project can turn into a costly mistake. Your commercial construction contractor will oversee every stage of construction, including obtaining all necessary building permits. There are many companies from which to choose, which can be overwhelming. Your commercial contractor will be your business partner, so make sure it is a company you can trust and work with. By taking a few simple steps, you can be assured of hiring the best commercial construction company for your remodeling and building needs.

 While there are undoubtedly many excellent new construction companies offering their services, experience counts. You want a company that has been in business long enough to have seen the problems that can arise and knows how to solve them. No two construction projects are alike. The more experience your company has, the fewer problems you are likely to encounter. Be sure to ask questions about the background of their workers and subcontractors.

Every state has different licensing requirements, and it’s easy to check your state’s needs by contacting the business license office. A business license ensures that the contractor has the necessary skills to perform the tasks for which it is hired. Your contractor should also be bonded, which protects you against contractual non-compliance. In addition, your commercial contract should carry the proper liability insurance. Do not hire a commercial contractor without the proper licenses and insurance.

How reliable is the contractor’s customer support? If the company is difficult to reach and takes a long time to return calls, it could be a sign that their staff is not properly trained. It also indicates a lack of regard for their customers.

Get recommendations from other businesses similar to yours who have had recent construction projects. Ask them questions, especially whether they would hire the contractor again.

You want to spend your construction money wisely, but the lowest bid may not be your best choice. If you receive a bid that is far below other bids, it could mean that contractor is inexperienced or that he or she intends to cut corners on the job.

Hiring the right commercial construction company takes a lot of research, when you hire 360 CGI you’re hiring a company that takes care of all your needs and is knowledgeable about which actions to take at every step of the process.


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