Light Up The Office The Smart Way

Light is an essential of any office. Unfortunately, some offices lack windows or have very limited access to natural light. Lack of light can affect the productivity of an office. The good news is that windows are not the only way to create an illuminating office space. Take a look at these hacks to transform your windowless space into an illuminating hub of productivity.

Light Bulbs

Installing the right lighting fixtures can create a glow that is easy on the eye. When picking light bulbs think lumens, not watts. If you’re looking to brighten up dark spaces increase the lumen count of your bulbs in that area. Overhead lights are a staple and will create a properly lit work atmosphere.

Creatively Display Artwork

Paintings on a wall can quickly lift the mood in a room and brighten the space too. The larger the artwork displayed on a wall is the more it will illuminate a room and break up the blank walls. Think bright colorful artwork when choosing a painting.


The best way to mimic the look of windows in a windowless office is by adding large mirrors. Mirrors will add depth to your office space and take away the claustrophobic feel that windowless rooms create. If you are working with a small square footage than raising your mirrors close to the ceilings can open up space and distract from the ceiling line in a room.


Instead of dividing up the room if your office with walls, opt for using internal windows or glass doors instead. This will help open up space by allowing each room to share the light in the space.

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