New Technology That Will Lower Energy Costs for Construction Industry

The future is green. If your company goes green, you will see a lot of green leaking back into your operating income. Not only will these technological breakthroughs help your bottom line, but cutting your carbon footprint will help the bottom lines of those looking to hire you. By implementing green initiatives, you are helping your business, the planet, and potential clients. It’s a win-win for everyone. Here is how new technology will help lower energy costs for the construction industry.

The Rise of CFL and LED Lights

The easiest way for any business to cut their electric costs and carbon footprint is by what type of lights they use. Days of fluorescent lights being the standard are long gone. Instead, opt to use fluorescent light (CFL) or light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs.


CFL and LED bulbs draw up to 18-watts of energy, instead of 60-watts. One light bulb can save a business 1 dollar per month. Now, think of how many bulbs are in a building. Multiply that by the year, and you are looking at hundreds of thousands of savings annually.

Put the Light on a Dimmer

Create a more energy-efficient building by putting the lights on a dimmer. Just ask anyone with a GrubHub app, we love customization. Why wouldn’t we want to customize the ambiance in a business or a rental?


By putting the light on a dimmer, your clients have the opportunity to use minimum energy necessary to complete their tasks. This little mechanism is easy to install and goes a long way in saving a business or landlord some serious dinero.

Install Motion Detectors

While a dimmer can go a long way in saving businesses money on energy costs, a motion detector will seal the financial savings deal. Why light up a room with no one it? Motion detectors ensure that this costly resource is only being used when someone can benefit from the light.


By installing motion detectors, business owners don’t need to worry about shutting off the light in every room at the end of the day. An empty room will take care of this task itself.

Why Cutting Your Carbon Footprint Matters

The construction industry plays a big hand in carbon emissions. This fact isn’t a concept that construction companies should sweep under the rug. With so many news outlets covering climate change, it’s better to be proactive.


Making your projects green will say wonders to a potential client base about your brand. Not only is it beneficial on a public relations level for the construction company, but energy savings look attractive to those contracting the builders. After all, business people want to save money and make money.


The best way to accomplish that goal is to follow the media’s heed and go green. Utility bills will reflect the change, creating a happy customer base all around. This happy balance will give your brand leverage in an ever-unsure job market.


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