Office Design Inspiration for 2019

We are a quarter of a way through 2019. Enough time has passed to see which office design trends have failed and which ones have the potential to carry us through the rest of the year…and beyond. So, what are some of the greatest office design inspirations for 2019? Here is what the construction world is talking about during the last year of the 2010s.

Embracing Older Buildings

It started when breweries and Cross-Fit rose to prominence. Old buildings are the new black in the world of construction. Not only are businesses and apartment complexes buying up old buildings, but they are also embracing these buildings’ quirks.


By far the hottest trend in office design for 2019 is highlighting old steel and brick structures. Don’t cover up all the pipes in an old warehouse. Allow the exposed walls to take center stage. This design aesthetic is rustic and hardworking, yet carries itself with charm. It inspires work ethic, creativity, and openness.

The Library is Open

Many office buildings need a quiet space. Whether you need to brainstorm a design, read over a contract, or have to clear your head–silence is golden. That is why so many offices are embracing a library.


Libraries should be designed to fit a handful of people working together. If someone really needs private space, they can go into a single pod. A library is an excellent way for people to collectively gather their ideas without distraction, or being a distraction.

Interactive Spaces

Sure, the library is a bit of an interactive space, but six-inch voices are encouraged. Employees need an area where they can be a little more boisterous and interactive. Create open areas that are set up for brainstorming, networking, or chatting.


Build a cafe with intimate round table seating. That way, a few employees can get a cup of joe and go over morning briefs. Maybe set up a lounge with a ping pong table? Let people brainstorm ideas out loud while they try to rack up as many volleys together as possible. It’s a great way to build synergy.


Lastly, get a gym. It allows people to blow off steam during the workday. However, research also indicates that a person’s mind is sharper when they are engaged in conversation while walking. Time to take a brainstorm session to the treadmill!


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