Tips To Save Energy at the office

Saving energy is always good for business. And it is good for the environment. It might not seem like it, but there are a lot of ways to cut electricity cost around the office. Here are a few you can start today.

Turn Off Lights

According to recent studies, about 90% of office workers forget to turn off the lights when leaving a room or when closing up for the night. The easiest way to reduce costs and be environmentally responsible to drastically reduce this percentage. Think of ways to remind people to turn off lights or install lights that turn on and off automatically.

Cloud-Based Systems

One thing to consider that can cut your energy use is to move your computer servers over to cloud-based systems. This will get rid of the hot data center that needs a cooling device and running multiple servers. A recent survey indicated that a small business could cut its carbon footprints and energy costs by 90% by moving to the cloud.

Control the Thermostat

We have all had a complaint about the office either being too hot or too cold. An easy way to control the thermostat in the office is to use systems such as Nest that allow a gradual increase or decrease in temperature. Additionally, having programmable thermostats that shut off when no one is in the office will reduce costs.

Upgrade Lights

If you still have incandescent light bulbs it is time to replace them. Using LED and fluorescent lights will instantly cut energy usage. A key point when picking light bulbs is that watts measure how much energy is used.

Upgrade Windows

A common office environment will have lots of windows. During the hotter months of the year, this means the air conditioning system is getting overworked. Upgrading your windows and adding solar window film or blinds can help reduce the heat entering the office keeping it cool throughout the summer.

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