MAXIMUM Service and Quality in Commercial Construction

360cgi is a full service construction company specializing in tenant improvements as well as repositioning projects for existing buildings. With a list of pre qualified subcontractors in excess of 150 companies to work with, the scope of base building and finish work is all but limitless.  Our subcontractor list is comprised only of companies with the same mindset and values demanded by 360cgi – providing high quality service and product at a reasonable cost.

Incorporated in October 2009, 360cgi began full operations in 2012 – capitalizing on its principals decades of trusted experience. After conducting extensive research and analysis of the Southern California commercial construction market and it’s current economic growth trend, we believe the commercial market has reached the bottom of the curve and is now trending upward. Fueled by high value construction at a very reasonable and competitive cost, our business model has been developed to provide professional, experienced project management and supervision with tightly controlled competitive construction costs, with the savings passed along to our clients.

360cgi, are experts in tenant improvements which include building interior space for medical and dental offices, typical office build-outs, corporate headquarters, as well as media and creative spaces.

We are also very proud of our work in repositioning projects which can encompass the complete removal of existing building exteriors, interiors, out buildings, with new construction of exterior curtain-wall systems, storefronts, building entries, common areas, base building systems, and additional square footage.

360cgi, believes that its exceptional preconstruction team is the strongest weapon in its cost and budget control arsenal. By thoroughly examining all aspects of a project, playing out different building and scheduling scenarios virtually, resolving conflicts prior to construction, and ultimately figuring out the most efficient way to build the project, we help clients to achieve the highest value project within any allocated budget and schedule.

When 360cgi gives a client a number – we stand behind that number. That is how much confidence we have in the skills of our preconstruction and estimating team. For us, estimating isn’t about plugging numbers into a spreadsheet based on a drawing. Our estimating leadership brings decades of experience in engineering, project management and estimating. Together, they possess the analytical prowess to dissect an early concept and analyze the different structural, building envelope, and MEP systems that will best incarnate the architect’s vision.  An iterative and dynamic process with the design team enables us to land on an estimate range that is firmly rooted in a realistic building plan and a sound budget.

360cgi, collaborates with the design team by exploring all possible means and methods. We bring fresh ideas to the table and suggest innovative ways of achieving the design intent within the owner’s budget and schedule. We verify project components’ compatibility with site access constraints, sequence of work, tolerance requirements, material availability and schedule timeframes. During the early conceptual stages, we suggest structural, façade, and MEP systems that most closely align with the owner’s and architect’s vision for the building.

As part of the preconstruction process, we not only address the means and methods for how a project will get built; given the site logistics, client objectives, and constraints of the work, we flesh out the best sequence and schedule for building the project. We pride ourselves on the accuracy of the schedules we produce during preconstruction, because the realistic ability to adhere to those schedules is what provides our clients with project stability. Utilizing traditional scheduling programs. By always looking ahead, 360cgi’s disciplined scheduling practice minimizes overtime, poorly installed work, and inefficiencies on-site.  As a result, we consistently finish high quality projects on time and within budget.

Value engineering at 360cgi, is not about cutting cost as much as it is about adding value. Holding a project’s design vision in high regard, we aggressively and creatively investigate significant cost effective methods and materials that not only save money, but also support or enhance critical elements of the design. We empower the owner and architect to optimize their vision with alternative systems, materials, and methods of construction. We place a premium on options that improve the project value in alignment with owner objectives, be they long or short term.

360cgi, recognizes that our relationships with some of Southern California’s top subcontractors, and our ability to collaborate with them effectively, play an enormous role in the success of our projects. In every finished project, the quality of work—each surface the owner touches; each detail the owner sees—relies as heavily on the skill and integrity of our subcontractors as it does on our supervision and management of the work.

360cgi, is typically engaged in the early stages of a project’s development – during conceptual or schematic design. During these early stages of Preconstruction, we are able to deliver value to the client and design team through constructability guidance, systems and detail suggestions, estimating, and feasibility explorations. Also during this phase, we begin to assemble the most talented and appropriate management team and subcontractor bid list for the project. Our pool of subcontractor resources is deep and wide, developed and nurtured over decades in the industry.

Throughout the project, 360cgi, provides ongoing feedback and helps owners and architects understand how a design vision can come to fruition through tangible details and construction methods.  We offer a myriad of alternatives and budget ramifications so that owners can take control and make informed decisions early.

Design-Build presents a great opportunity for early collaboration. Rather than separate the “Designers” from the “Builders”, Design-Build delivery formalizes a partnership between design and building teams throughout the entirety of the project, from inception to completion. This includes the contributions of key subcontractors and engineers during the conceptual stages of design. At 360cgi, we believe that our experience and knowledge permit us to substantially support the design process, by offering informed suggestions about things like structural system alternatives, construction details, materials, and many other components that can translate design concepts into reality. Frequent group meetings stimulate a fertile exchange of diverse ideas and perspectives, and often uncover unexpected ways to add value to the project. They permit rapid communication and immediate clarification, useful insights and speedy feedback; and these in turn promote timely decisions and quick turnaround. In a Design-Build process, these dynamic iterations between design and building teams yield a seamless transition from design to construction, and substantial time and cost savings to the owner.

360cgi’s Construction Management services include budgeting, cost-estimating, value engineering, design team and contractor selection, constructability analysis, scheduling, phasing and site logistics studies. During construction, our services also include pre-emptive quality control, safety management, and construction administration.

Buildings account for approximately 48% of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S., according to the Environmental and Energy Institute. 360cgi understands that as a builder, we have an enormous opportunity and responsibility to contribute toward greenhouse gas reductions. To that end, we have invested a tremendous amount of time and effort over the past years in sustainability education and a variety of green initiatives.