Best Security Systems for an Apartment Building

As a landlord of an apartment building, you have a unique set of responsibility that most building owners don’t have. Unlike business owners or single-family landlords, apartment owners are responsible for the safety of multiple families. Numbers reaching the hundreds may rest their head and belongings in your building, expecting to be safe at all times.

By getting an alarm system for your apartment building, you are giving your tenants peace of mind. As a result, you are in a position to increase your asking price for rent. That is why your apartment building owners need top-of-the-line security systems. Here are some of the best for your building’s needs.

ADT Protection 1 Multifamily Security Systems

ADT is a name you can trust for alarm systems. They mastered the art of protecting a single family home. Over the last few centuries, they’ve used what they learned to launch their Multifamily Security Systems Protection 1 program.

With Protection 1, they have a game-changing Fire & Life Safety Monitoring system. Therefore, ADT can detect a fire or increase in carbon monoxide levels. This feature also includes fire sprinkler monitoring, fire alarm servicing, and inspections.

Under the Protection 1 Plan, 360-degree cameras are placed in all entrances to the main building and common areas. All access to the main entrance will require keycard access, increasing the safety of your tenants.


Security systems are getting smarter. While ADT may be the standard-bearer, Kastle may be the future. They have a completely digitized interface that allows the apartment owner to check in from wherever they are.

The way Kastle works is tenants open doors with the Kastle app. There are no keys. They simply hold their smart device up to the handle, and the door will unlock. What makes this handy is that in the event the tenant gets locked out, you can remote in and unlock the door for them.

In addition to handling your security issues, Kastle also oversees your bookkeeping. You can extend a lease, input data for new tenants, and manage visitors through the system.

Bastion Video Surveillance

Customize your surveillance through IP cameras. You can move, arrange, and point your cameras without having to climb a ladder with Bastion Video Surveillance.

One of the biggest reasons people want a security system is so they can pinpoint who may have vandalized or burglarized their property. Even in 2019, many of these recordings look like a mess of pixels from the 1980s. However, Bastion offers some of the highest quality images you will find.

While not as big as ADT or Kastle, there is a more personalized touch with Bastion. They are available to consult at all times. In times of crisis, it’s sometimes it’s safer to go with the big fish in the smaller pond. Then, Bastion might be the right option for your apartment complex.

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