Our Mission

Southern California General Contractor 360 Construction Group, Inc. provides and performs many services in today’s construction field. 360 CGI delivers an array of projects on time and with the quality our customers deserve. Throughout all stages of the building process many decisions, details and specifications are needed to ensure the integrity and outcome of our clients’ projects. 360 Construction Group, Inc. takes each stage, and incorporates them into a schedule and plan. Working side by side with architects and designers, 360 CGI turns our clients’ visions into reality. 360 CGI retains bids from qualified Vendors and Sub-Contracting Firms to ensure that all aspects of the design and the construction are taken into account. 360 Construction Group, Inc. manages and coordinates all phases of the construction process from start to finish.

Our goal is to deliver projects on time and on budget with the quality our clients’ demand. We at 360 CGI require that all aspects of: construction, time, budget, and most importantly quality remain an absolute priority. 360 CGI starts with identifying the client’s vision and turns this vision into a finished project. We accomplish this with our designers, architects, and through the personal construction experiences of 360 Construction Group, Inc.

With 360 CGI serving as your Project Coordinator and/or General Contractor we will oversee every stage of the development and eliminate the problems that routinely occur in construction projects. 360 CGI works with our clients from start to finish on every project. 360 Construction Group, Inc. is your #1 Southern California General Contractor and best choice for all your construction projects and development needs.

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